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Mediation has become a quintessential component of dispute resolution. It facilitates discussions and guides parties to negotiate a mutually acceptable settlement. Mediation focuses on finding solutions in a space where parties retain autonomy over outcomes.

Our Mediation Practice is led by Michelle Woodworth. Michelle has been mediating family, healthcare, estate, commercial and other matters for over a decade. She is the first Singaporean female to have been appointed a Certified Mediator under the International Mediation Institute and has an impressive mediation settlement rate that exceeds 90%. She is a Principal Mediator with the Singapore Mediation Centre under the Family and Healthcare Panels, a Certified Mediator with the Singapore International Mediation Institute and Senior Mediator under the Law Society Mediation Scheme. Michelle is well qualified having undergone extensive mediation training which includes courses specialising in cross border and child focused disputes.

Our expertise in mediation includes other senior members of the Bar who have considerable experience and track record.

What Parties Say About Us

“Michelle was great and both parties were very happy with her mediation services, both husband and wife showed deep and great appreciation … Michelle helped to create that space where they spoke to each other a lot more.” (February 2023)

“Ms Woodworth was professional in the conduct of mediation and patient when listening to parties. With her wealth of experience as a Family Court judge and family law practitioner, she assisted parties with reaching an amicable resolution of their divorce. She was also very personable and sensitive to parties … During the joint session, she listened actively to parties’ needs and wishes and made them feel heard and feel that their views were valid. She also set the tone well for parties to engage each other in conversation and acknowledge each other’s perspective. Finally, she devised a creative solution by finding common ground between both parties and helped parties feel that their concerns were addressed.” (February 2023)

“(Michelle) was an effective mediator. She was calm and friendly throughout the entire process. She helped to facilitate and determine parties’ interest.” (May 2021)

Divorce Mediation Michelle Woodworth
Michelle Woodworth