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Innovation and technology are re-shaping the global economy and governments in Singapore and South-East Asia have been actively encouraging growth in the digital economy.

Businesses and start-ups engaging in digital, medtech, biotech, cleantech, agritech and fintech activities have high growth potential and may also be able to leverage on government grants and schemes being introduced.

Our dynamic team is up to date on latest developments as we work on transactional matters for start-ups and venture capital investments and are capable of providing comprehensive advice from both buy-side and sell-side perspectives. We are also able to advise on applicable regulatory requirements and assist in preparation of operational contracts for companies in the growth stage efficiently.

Transactions and investments in companies at the growth stage with sound fundamentals and/or value propositions can never be concluded on a win-win basis if the terms involved are based on a suite of template transaction documents. Our team has the knowledge, experience and commercial nous to efficiently guide investors and founders towards a position satisfactory to all parties.

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